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Acreage & Rural Fencing

Wire Fencing


Fencepac supplies a large range of wire and wire fencing, perfect for fencing off large areas around your acreage property, or for keeping in pets and livestock. Our wire products include:

  • Chainwire (Chain Mesh)
  • Hinge joint wire (Dog Wire and Dingo Wire)
  • Chicken netting
  • Aviary wire
  • Welded mesh fencing
  • Welded mesh easy sheets
  • Plain wire, tie wire, barb wire, horse wire and more!

We also stock a large range of rural logs, star pickets, Steel RHS, pipe and other posts and fittings.


> Download a copy of our Rural Gates and Wire product list!

                                  Hinge Joint detail          Chicken Netting Detail          Chainwire Detail

Hinge Joint Spacings (900h/1200h)    Hinge Joint Detail     Chicken Netting Detail         Chainwire Detail


Weldmesh Acacia Panel                   Weldmesh Banksia Panel
ARC Weldmesh Acacia Panel               ARC Weldmesh Banksia Panel


Rural Gates

Fencepac also supply a range of rural bar and mesh gates to suit a variety of opening sizes.

Gates are 1200h, and available in 900, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000, 3600 and 4200mm openings. Fencepac supply a range of hinge and latch options for rural gates, and gates are usually hinged from a 150mm round pine log or similar.



Post and Rail Fencing

This style is ideal for fencing large areas, creating a visual barrier and easily keeps livestock secured. Fencepac supply a range of timber posts, pine logs, pine and hardwood rails and fencing wire. Mix and match wire and timber rails for a unique, cost effective look.


> Download a copy of our Timber fencing product list!



Electric Fencing

Fencepac supply a range of electric fencing products, from post insulators to battery and solar energizers. The majority of our products are from a leading Australian electric fence supplier Gallagher.







Cattle Handling Equipment

> Download a copy of our Cattle Equipment product list!