Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 2



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Fencepac was engaged to supply and construct 20,000m2 of concrete and acrylic noise barriers to facilitate the installation of the 2nd stage of the Gold Coast Light Rail.

Project Challenges

This high-profile project was exceptionally time critical. The Queensland Government needed this world-class public transport system to be fully operational two months ahead of the Commonwealth Games. Delays in constructing the barriers would have had serious, project-wide ramifications.

The site itself posed significant challenges. The highway needed to remain open to traffic at all times, which meant that space was heavily constrained and extremely congested. With multiple contractors working in the site simultaneously and so close to resident’s houses, safety issues were paramount.

Unexpected design changes from the stakeholders occurred regularly, at times on a daily basis. Despite this ongoing challenge, the project needed to advance to meet all agreed key milestones.

Our Approach

The successful construction of these noise barriers depended on both exceptional planning and the ability to look for smarter ways to solve unexpected problems redefining the boundaries of what was possible. Fencepac delivered on both counts.

Our project management was thorough and solutions-driven. Through our dedicated off-site manager we were able to source all materials and deliver to site to meet the exacting program schedule. This included 3,535 concrete panels and 971 acrylic acoustic panels shipped from Europe with a three month lead-time.

Fencepac remained collaborative and approachable at all times, using our experience and know-how to deal positively with every stakeholder design change. Able to adapt, evolve and innovate, our team remained focused on driving a smarter solution for this project. Our constant and dedicated on-site manager’s close supervision ensured the construction was fast and precise.

The Result

Fencepac achieved a highly successful outcome for CPB Contractors and all other stakeholders. Our materials and on-site construction of 20,000m2 of barriers was fully compliant with Main Roads quality and standards. In line with Queensland Government’s project goal, our focus on safety minimised the impact on the community and environment.

We knew that project delays and budget blow-outs were simply not an option. Even with design changes that resulted in approximately 130 contract variations, Fencepac still delivered 100% on time and on budget.

Client testimonial

The highly professional management team worked closely with us to solve multiple design and constructability issues, always with a ‘best-for-project’ attitude.

James Watts



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