Gympie Arterial Road


Aspley, Queensland





Department of Transport and Main Roads engaged Fencepac Barriers to design, supply and construct a noise barrier wall on Gympie Road in the Aspley suburb of Queensland. The noise barriers are designed to make a difference in the lives of the residents along a high-volume traffic area and are subject to extreme traffic noise.

Environmental Focus

Fencepac was committed to save as many trees as possible along Gympie Arterial Road. The project’s close proximity to the road and established homes were an added challenge.

Project Achieved

Relocated a possum family and the trees were saved.

Project Challenges

The project was a State Government funded noise barrier under the Aspley State Budget for 2019, with a goal to enhance the local residents’ quality of life by reducing the traffic noise. The project was on Gympie Road, a residential area on one side and the Gympie Road thoroughfare on the other side. The upgrade of bus station Gympie Road at Aspley South Stop 41 was part of the project. Due to the close proximity of working near members of the public , local businesses and their daily routines, Management Plans were implemented, in consultation with the key stakeholders.

The potential issues included members of the public not understanding the changes to the bus stop operation; complaints due to the disruptions to the traffic flow and bus stop processes; the media contacting team members directly for comments; residents being disturbed by the noise of construction.

Our Approach

An introductory meeting with the aforementioned stakeholders was convened by Fencepac Barriers. Our long term goad would be was to keep the community informed via letter drop announcements. A Community Liaison Officer was available to record and investigate complaints. Regular toolbox talks were held with team members on site ensuring the project progressed with minimal to no disruptions. Traffic Controllers were available throughout to ensure safety of construction processes as well as vehicles from the required plant and machinery.

Applying our collaborative and problem-solving expertise to every aspect of the project, the Fencepac team was able to save all the trees by revisiting parts of the design without compromising quality or project momentum. These changes achieve a 100% rate of trees saved and zero noise complaint.

The Result

Fencepac Barriers’ methodology delivered a high-quality noise barrier wall consisting of pre-stressed concrete panels and acrylic panels on time and within budget.

Applying industry-recognised skills and capabilities, exceptional project management and a collaborative approach, we delivered a fully compliant with the Department of Main Roads quality and standards.

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