Lotus Glen Correctional Facility


Mareeba, Far North Queensland




25 People

Fencepac partnered with Thiess to design, innovate and construct prison-standard security fencing for a new extension, and an existing refurbished section, of the Lotus Glen Correctional Facility.

Project Challenges

This three-year project was completed within a fully operational correctional facility in far north Queensland. The live prison environment presented unique challenges.

The Fencepac on-site crew had to comply with strict prison specifications and security regulations, and also contend with frequent and unforeseen site entry delays. The most critical timing element was joining the old fencing to the brand new fencing. All work needed to be fully completed within a 48-hour shutdown period to maintain prison security levels.

Multiple project variations occurred, which all required new design solutions to be developed quickly. With up to 50 or 60 other trades on site at the same time, our program of work needed to be meticulously planned and executed, with the safety of all workers, prison staff and inmates a top priority.

Our Approach

Fencepac’s approach was flexible, proactive and collaborative. We combined our specialist experience and technical knowledge to innovate design solutions that delivered cost savings on multiple fronts. Whether it was reducing the number of posts needed to construct an enclosure, or specifying more cost-effective materials, Fencepac redefined the boundaries to deliver a better, more cost-efficient outcome.

The project comprised multiple fencing applications, including high chainwire, weldmesh and razor wire fencing, visual barriers, enclosures, electric and manual gates and dog pound fencing. The integration of our on and off-site teams achieved exceptional control and efficiencies over all components.

Our dedicated on-site project manager was able to motivate the Fencepac fly-in fly-out crew over the long, three-year period, maintaining their uncompromising focus on both safety and quality craftsmanship.

The Result

With this high-security project, the finished product needed to be solid, high-quality and precise. All of our work was fully compliant with Queensland Correctional Centre standards, and in the five years since completion, there have been zero call-backs to fix any issues. The functioning of the prison was not interrupted during the entire three-year contract.

Our initial contract of $3,000,000 was extended to a total of $8,500,000, representing a scope increase of 283%. This is testament to Theiss’s confidence in Fencepac’s ongoing performance, excellent problem-solving abilities and cost-effective quality.

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