New Generation Rolling Stock Stabling Yard


Ipswich, South East Queensland





Joining forces with Laing O’Rourke, Fencepac was contracted to design and construct high-security fencing, gates and five different fit-for-purpose storage sheds for the NGRS Stabling Yard and Maintenance Depot.

Project Challenges

The new Queensland Rail Stabling Yard and Maintenance Depot is situated in the Ipswich suburb of Wulkuraka. With up to 100 trains using this yard day and night, its close proximity to residential houses dictated the use of acoustic barriers. The project’s tight budget constraints, however, meant that using traditional concrete acoustic barriers to combat noise was not a viable option.

The site also bordered native bushland that is home to a protected koala population. Minimising the ongoing impact of this facility on the koalas was a key project concern.

Fencing was only one aspect of this challenging project. Queensland Rail also required the design and construction of five on-site sheds to safely house hazardous chemicals, gas and staff motorcycles.

Our Approach

To successfully overcome these location and budget challenges, and also deal with the ancillary shed components, Fencepac had to redefine what was previously possible. We designed, innovated and constructed a whole-of-project solution that went beyond just the fence.

Our superior technical knowledge and installation techniques enabled us to innovate the use of hollow core concrete as the acoustic barrier. This material had never been used for noise-protection purposes before, but the outcome was just as effective as traditional concrete and yet much cheaper. We constructed 1,200m of koala tin on the fencing to protect this native animal from entering the site.

Fencepac also seamlessly undertook the additional scope of the shed construction using our existing on-site team. Our expert capabilities and willingness to take on this additional component delivered exceptional time and cost efficiencies.

The Result

Fencepac brought every aspect of this project together to deliver a smoother, simpler and more economical outcome. We successfully constructed high 358 mesh fencing with koala barrier and anti-dig footing, concrete acoustic fencing, double swing gates with hydraulic curtain at the bottom, boom gates and five storage sheds.

By redefining the brief, we not only met the client’s tight budget parameters, we also delivered two months ahead of schedule. This enabled Queensland Rail to complete their testing program and begin using the new facility earlier than planned.

Client testimonial

The standard of work was to a very good quality and Fencepac was easy to work with from a commercial point of view. We would definitely use Fencepac on our future works.

Keith Coney

Queensland Rail
Lotus Glen Correctional Facility

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