Retaining Walls

Crib Walls.

Fencepac crib walls are gravity retaining walls, constructed from interlocking, precast, concrete components. They are filled with free draining material and earth backfill to eliminate the hazards of hydrostatic pressure building up behind the wall.

The performance of the Fencepac system and components have been fully evaluated and tested by the Queensland University of Technology. A full report is available on request.

Segmental Block Walls

Segmental block walls are dry stack in a running bond to create a freestanding retaining wall face. Our segmental block wall components are manufactured by a variety of local concrete product manufacturers.

As a gravity structure, segmental block walls are limited to very low heights due to the lack of mass of the blocks.

Segmental block walls can be constructed near vertical (1H:40V) and can accommodate both convex and concave radii.

Gabion Walls.

Gabions are modular baskets or cages manufactured from Galmac coated galvanised steel double twist mesh, with the addition of a protective PVC coating on the core wire where a longer design life is required.

These baskets are filled with rock (minimum SGU = 2.4) and laced together to create a monolithic structure, either as a mass gravity wall or a facing for a reinforced earth structure using horizontal geosynthetic reinforcement.

Double Twist mattresses are modular units varying in thickness from 0.17 – 0.5m in thickness,designed as a horizontal lining in channels , aprons and other hydraulic structures, to formalise water flow, or to create energy dissipation at hydraulic jumps.